Five Customer Service Email Examples for Replying Angry Customers

  1. Suresh 3 months ago

    I really thankful to you it’s helpful for me an interview

  2. Jason 2 months ago

    How to contact an angry and lost customer, some one who is not listening even on the phone. How to convince him, get an appointment.

    • Author
      Ayoade Oyedotun 1 month ago

      Hi Jason,

      Thank you for your inquiry. To reply an angry and lost customer as you said, I would provide alternative appointment dates for the customer to choose from. Look at the modified customer service email example 3 below:

      Dear Mr. George,

      I agree with you that the latest Woculus Reader’s Journal which you ordered got to you but has some missing pages. Despite this publication mishap, you read the journal and kept it with you for at least two weeks.

      I am sorry for this printing error on the copy of Woculus Readers’ Journal you purchased. However, I can neither receive the return nor refund you as you demanded. This is because of our company’s policy. We make refunds only for orders whose complaints are received within two weeks of purchase.

      We greatly esteem your relationship with our company and are very sorry for the inconveniences you have suffered as a result of the printing errors in the Journals you received from us. It is unfortunate that we cannot exchange the Journal at this time due to our policies and the time it has spent with you.

      However, we are willing to make any other compromise that would make you happy. To achieve this, I would like to have a discussion with you at your office. I would be happy to visit at lunchtime any day between Monday and Friday.

      Which of the days will be convenient for you?.

      Again, please accept our apologies and feel free to call me anytime on +2348157479837.

      Tina Bash
      Sales Director

  3. Jay 1 month ago

    How to reply a clients with a joyful message.

    LIke for example

    Clients email:
    Thank you JAY,
    I’m am very happy that i just recieved my BAIT. Is there anything that i can do to help? Would you like me to tell the management to acknowledge you for doing a great customer servicere?

  4. Author
    Ayoade Oyedotun 3 weeks ago

    You can reply with a message like:

    You are most welcome! I so glad you are happy with our customer service. Yes, I would love you to tell the management you enjoyed great customer service. Remember to mention my name.


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Five Customer Service Email Examples for Replying Angry Customers

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