Using Grammarly to Improve Your Professional Emails

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This course quickly and succinctly introduces you to the use of Grammarly – how to install the web application and start using it to improve your emails. We’ll learn about starting up with the free membership as well as upgrading to the premium Grammarly.

The course contains just two lessons, so you will finish reading up in no time.

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Estimated Time: 20 Minutes

Difficulty: Beginner



Author Information

Ayoade OyedotunAyoade Oyedotun

Ayoade Oyedotun is passionate about working smarter using the Internet technology.

Free Access


Free Grammarly

Getting Started with Grammarly
Is your goal to eliminate grammar errors and spelling mistakes in your emails? Grammarly might be the best bet for you. Starting up with Grammarly is fast and easy whether you browse with Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Grammarly even works with your Microsoft Office applications. That means, Grammarly can help you correct your grammar errors and spelling mistakes in [...]

Premium Grammarly

Upgrading to Premium Grammarly
If you have been using the free Grammarly, you would have experienced a lot more ease and progress in your email writing. Spelling mistakes are almost non-existent while grammar errors have been greatly minimized. However, there is more to enjoy from Grammarly when you upgrade to the premium membership. How to Upgrade from Free to Premium Grammarly The first step [...]

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