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  • Effective Tips for Handling Unhappy Customers Via Email

    Customers are at the heart of every business. In other words, businesses exist for their customers. The customer always has a choice, and the role of the business owner as well as his or her employees is to retain the customers. It is wrong to think that the most important thing about your company or business venture is the products

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  • Mending a Business Relationship by Apologizing via Email

    A letter of apology goes a long way in mending a relationship you or your firm have jeopardized with your client. While in some cases, it would never be enough to say sorry, the first step to mending what has been damaged will still be to tender an apology. When Things go Sour Business relationships like every other type of

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  • How to Provide Effective Customer Service via Email

    In business a minor incidence can make you lose key clients, therefore it is very important to be effective in dealing with customers professionally. Over time, you may have established solid relationships with many clients, and nurtured these relationships meticulously. A communication error or poor handling of customers in any other way can destroy this relationship. One of the common

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  • Why Your Clients are Unresponsive to Your Emails

    Introduction It could be quite frustrating when you send business emails to your (potential) customers, hoping for the anticipated response, but end up getting the complete opposite – no response. Many people that find themselves in situations like this just surrender and feel they have done their best and move on to another customer, only for the same cycle to

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  • Seven Follow-Up Sample Emails after No Response from Clients

    Introduction Have you been in situations in which clients you had considered to very good potentials that you have spoken to on phone or communicated with via email or by other means, end up not responding your proposals? Well, if you have been in such a situation, the best thing to do is to send a follow-up email to remind

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  • How to Write Promotional Emails in Business

    Introduction The purpose of writing and sending a promotional email is to promote a product or service. The whole idea is to tactfully persuade your client to take advantage of a product or service that will benefit them. Your primary interest should be the client, what is in it for them? Any promotion that does not add value to your

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  • Seven Sample Emails to Respond to Customer Enquiry

    Quick Tips: Responding to Customer Enquiry via Email When customers make enquiries via email, endeavor to respond as quickly as possible. This shows that you place value on them. The email should open with an appreciation. This should be followed by addressing the customer’s concern. Your email should show that you truly care about meeting the customer’s need. If you make

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  • How to Request for the Payment of an Overdue Invoice via Email

    In business transactions, it is not uncommon to have clients make use of your credit lines. No matter the checks and balances in place, some of these clients may default in the payment of invoices. Here, you will find out how to request for such delayed invoice(s) via email. Your company may run into serious financial issues if you do

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  • How to Offer Discounts on Overdue Invoices to a Strapped Loyal Client via Email

    While conducting business with clients that have credit lines with your company, there are times that invoices will be overdue for various reasons. Although some reasons may not be tenable, there are clients that genuinely have challenges that have caused this delay. Here, we are considering loyal clients who have verifiable financial difficulties that have led to non-payment of overdue

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  • How to Apologize for an Employee’s Error via Email

    Are you in a situation in which your employee has committed an error that could lead to dissatisfaction or outpouring of anger by your client? It is important as an employer to ascertain the details of what went wrong and why such a thing happened. An email alone may not satisfy some customers, therefore a follow-up visit, after the initial

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  • How to Communicate That an Email has an Attachment(s)

    What we write and how we go about communicating it is determined by who we are relating with. This is why when an email is sent and a file is attached to the message, the manner we communicate this differs and is determined by our relationship with the person at the other end or the purpose we seek to achieve.

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  • How to Answer Customers’ Enquiries via Email

    Customers’ inquiries are made in response to an impression the organization or company has earlier made in their minds.  In the hope that a particular need, be it material, emotional, psychological, etc, could be met. Customers often make inquiries to be further enlightened about the need they seek to meet. In answering an Customers often make inquiries to be further

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  • How to Introduce Yourself to a Prospective Client via Email

    Introduction Nothing is more appealing when introducing oneself to a potential client than to come right bold while at it. Introducing yourself to a potential client via email is more appropriate when you have had a previous physical encounter and you are following on it. In such a case, you may have to mention the WHERE and WHEN the meeting

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  • How to Professionally Reply a Rude Email from a Student’s Parent

    You may have to choose your words carefully in responding to this situation. As a teacher, relating with students’ parents who complain incessantly could be tiresome. It is one thing to manage such complaints; it is another thing to cope with a rude remark either one-on-one or via email from a parent. In responding to a rude email from a

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  • How to Respond to Email Complaints About Poor Customer Service

    Proper responses to email complaints from customers can be used as a powerful tool in business Building and maintaining a functional relationship with customers as well as ensuring that their ever evolving needs and expectations are met should be the focus of every business organization. When a customer gives a feedback, either positive or negative, it can be used as an avenue

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  • Automatic Reply Email Examples for Business

    You might be one of those wondering how automatic reply emails work without getting your customers feeling bad. I’ve been in your shoes but I sailed through by setting out on a tour of the best ways to write mind-blowing professional auto-response emails. To be candid, there are times you’ve got so much to do and there are loads of

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  • Five Customer Service Email Examples for Replying Angry Customers

    Many times in business, you would have to deal with an angry or dissatisfied customer. This is normal and expected. The way you handle the situation at the customer service level will greatly determine whether you will convert a dissatisfied customer to a loyal one or completely loose the customer. Sometimes your answer will be positive while your answers could

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  • Tips for Making Good Personal and Business Phone Calls

    Most of the things that have made life easier for humans have also come with their disadvantages. A very recent example is mobile phones.  Unless businesses and organizations learn to properly train their staff on the productive use of mobile phones, or worse still smartphones, this means of communication (which is a major blessing to the business climate) may also

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  • Basics of Inculcating E-mail Etiquettes into Professional Email Writing

    In these days of Ipads, tablets, smartphones, PCs, laptops and several other electronic gadgets, email communication has crept so deep into the human culture. Unfortunately, this “new” means of communication has not been properly mastered by many of us, even in professional email writing. This is most important for businesses and organizations where competition is fiercer; and clients should never

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  • Reply Email Samples for Different Situations (Several Examples)

    Writing effective replies to business emails is one of the most important skills you should acquire as a good business owner, sales person or marketing personnel. How do hope to satisfy your clients as a business owner without having to write succinct and clear replies to their emails? Or how would a salesperson or marketing personnel elaborate properly on the

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