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  • Firing an Employee via Email

    Introduction When firing an employee via email, you need to pay attention to the way you write your email. One major advantage of dismissal from employment via email is that you are able to take your time to ensure your message comes out right. You have the chance to work towards a tactically written, well reviewed, and properly edited email. Another

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  • How to Report a Missing Vital Item in Your Care via Email

    Introduction I once lost a particular vital item at work. It was a very expensive digital audio recorder, treasured by many colleagues, valued by the boss. Where I left it, I could not recall. I ended up spending a whole month regretting and blaming myself for being so negligent. Then another month passed by while I made plans to tell

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  • Handling Complaints from Your Boss via Email

    Introduction Your boss could have a complaint about your work and choose to send his grievances via email. It is ideal to respond back also through the use of email. First, it shows that you have received and acknowledge the complaint and responding promptly, which is a sign of respect. Perhaps one of the keys to successfully handling of misunderstanding

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  • Ideas for Setting Up The Best Email Address for Your Business

    Introduction Have you ever wondered if the way your business email address looks is important? Or has anyone ever mentioned to you that the way your email address looks has a market value? The answer to both questions is in the affirmative. Your email address speaks more about you than you can imagine. It can tell a potential client or

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  • Tips for Choosing The Best Domain Name and Email Address

    Introduction If you have been using a free email provider for your business email, invest into your company and buy a domain name for your business. Then setup your website and start using your professional business email address. This goes a long way in branding you and your company. Your business domain name and email address many times are the

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  • Tips for Improving Your Business Email Communication Skills

    It is important to keep at your fingertips the relevant things you need to know about writing a business email. You will find below salient points and tips to guide you through this process and help improve your business email communication skills. They are only guides. Business emails vary greatly; therefore you may need to visit other areas on this

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  • Questions to Ask before Sending a Business Email

    These are some general tips for writing business emails. You can go through them like a checklist before hitting the send button on your keyboard. If you are unable to satisfactorily answer the questions, then review your email. To start, let’s analyze the three main things that create balance to your email, that is, things to consider to make sure

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  • How to Effectively Retract An Email Sent to a Wrong Email Address

    Often, it takes an extra effort to persuade people that you do not really mean what you have said or written With an email account like Gmail, retracting an email sent to a wrong person could be as easy as clicking “unsend” within 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds of hitting send, depending on your previous settings. As good as this

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  • How to Professionally Reply a Rude Email from a Student’s Parent

    You may have to choose your words carefully in responding to this situation. As a teacher, relating with students’ parents who complain incessantly could be tiresome. It is one thing to manage such complaints; it is another thing to cope with a rude remark either one-on-one or via email from a parent. In responding to a rude email from a

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  • How to Acknowledge a Job Offer via Email

    Writing an acknowledgement email for your new job offer is an opportunity to make your employer realize you are a good choice for the job. Your acknowledgement email should carry your excitement and anticipation of your future with the company while it should at the same time be very professional. Basic Tips for Acknowledging a Job Offer via Email The

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  • How to Respond to an Angry Boss through Email

    While you cannot dictate how people will relate with you and their attitudes, you can determine your response to them. One of the things that drain satisfaction out of a job is dealing with an angry boss. Usually, in cases like these, you do not know who to turn to or how to react. You will be taking the big

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  • How to Respond to Email Complaints About Poor Customer Service

    Proper responses to email complaints from customers can be used as a powerful tool in business Building and maintaining a functional relationship with customers as well as ensuring that their ever evolving needs and expectations are met should be the focus of every business organization. When a customer gives a feedback, either positive or negative, it can be used as an avenue

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  • 7 Wrong Ways to Start Your Emails in Business

    Let’s take a cue from recipes. We all like different food dishes but I bet you that if your kind of food is well prepared, it all depends on the process embarked upon by your chef to give you the taste you desire. This also applies to email writing and the recipient. When writing an email, you have a recipient

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  • Seven (7) Ways to Write Professional Email Subject Lines – With Samples

    Email subject lines are strong propellers of messages that get results. They must be written with the content of the email in mind and in a way that will drive recipients to read the message of the email. Every email comes with a subject line but not all emails have good subject lines that will ignite the reader’s email as

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  • Email Writing 102: Seven Tips for Writing and Replying Official Emails

    Official emails are not like the emails you send to your friends to tell them how much you’ve missed their company. They are emails uniquely designed to disseminate vital information on official issues. Such emails are business-based and strategic in nature. You can’t just write them from emotional feelings; you need to consciously create them to suit an official situation.

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  • How to Write Result Oriented Emails

    Do you want to get results after writing and sending emails to your clients and prospects? Well, the truth is that you shouldn’t aspire to just write but strive to write emails that compel outstanding and positive results. Here are few tips on how to write result oriented emails. Write Captivating Subject Lines Captivating subject lines work like wildfire. They

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  • Email Writing 101: The Basic Format for Writing and Replying Official Emails

    Email still remains the basic means of electronic communication for various official and business deals. As a result, our success in business or our workplace greatly depends on how well we communicate with this 21st century electronic tool – email. With excellent emails, you can impress investors, staff, colleagues and customers in your organization. You can even access places not

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  • How to Write Impeccable Thank You E-mails (With Samples)

    Clients are the lifeblood of business; they call the shots. Without clients to patronize you, your business wouldn’t even exist and that is why you must pay great attention to your clients and make them feel special. Yes, we all know that making good profit and raking in sizable amounts of income is what matters most in business but you

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  • Business E-mail Writing (With Samples): Accepting Invitations

    Business emails are like a representation of ourselves and reflects our personalities to the reader. This is because most of the time, the people you are sending these mails to have never met you; and they don’t know what you look like or how you conduct your business. In fact, they may not even be convinced that they can trust

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  • Basics of Inculcating E-mail Etiquettes into Professional Email Writing

    In these days of Ipads, tablets, smartphones, PCs, laptops and several other electronic gadgets, email communication has crept so deep into the human culture. Unfortunately, this “new” means of communication has not been properly mastered by many of us, even in professional email writing. This is most important for businesses and organizations where competition is fiercer; and clients should never

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