About Woculus

Woculus seeks to help the 21st century business men transit from traditional business transaction methods to newer methods using the tools provided by the Internet e.g. emails and social media.

Our mission is to dig out the most important tools and find out the best ways to harness them profitably for business growth; and then publish them to our audience.

We believe in the power of the Internet to transform every aspect of business. Already, many businesses are experiencing the positive touch of the Internet. Our goal is to increase this impact.

About the Owner – Ayo Oyedotun

Ayo OyedotunFor many years, I have stayed glued to the Internet, trying to understand the secrets behind the rise of great websites – How Facebook rose from the grassroots to become the number one social network today; How the Google guys succeeded in dominating over 70% of Internet search; Why Jezz Bezos left his paying job to start Amazon; And the principles Steve Jobs followed to resuscitate Apple and left gloriously.

My passion has always been the web, its successes and failures, and the underlying secrets.

Life Experiences

I am a graduate of the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. I live in the ‘heart of Africa’, Nigeria.

Since childhood, I have always wondered why some people are more successful than others. For a very long time, I have consistently read the stories of business leaders and CEOs. I also read books by inspirational speakers.

Now, I passionately read books, listen to audios and watch videos about how others have achieved what they wanted in life – their environments, childhood experiences, personalities and unexpected circumstances that turned their lives around; and I try to pour them out through my blog so that I can read and digest more stories.

Aside blogging, I am involved in some other business ventures including a poultry farm where I produce and market chicken meat and eggs as well as an ICT company involved in ecommerce.

A Little More About Me

My hobbies include reading, writing, playing chess, meeting people, visiting new places and swimming. Contact me using the form below:

Thank you,
Ayo Oyedotun


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